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Love pickleball? Big pickleball fan? If you are a business entrepreneur setting up a new facility, a private citizen who has room on a property, a corporation or a city looking for a dedicated pickleball surface, PICKLECOURT is the flooring solution for you.

Be it a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installation, indoor or outdoor, PICKLECOURT thought about it all!

All that is required is any flat space with a hard surface, such as a parking lot, warehouse floor, shopping mall floor, tennis court, outdoor or indoor ice hockey rink, etc. These surfaces can easily be converted into a high quality pickleball court with our portable and rollable pickleball mats that can be personalized according to your needs.

PICKLECOURT provides the playability, durability, bounce and grip that every pickleball enthusiast truly deserves.

Personalize your own pickleball court!

We can customize your PICKLECOURT for you based on size, color + logo.

Easy steps below!

  • Select the color of your choice by clicking our "Color tool" below:
  • Add your corporate logo or your own creation. We will insert it on your PICKLECOURT upon request!

NEW! We can convert your high-resolution pictures into a logo or mat background, at no extra charge!


We can propose a range of accessories such as heavy duty portable nets and barriers to complete your pickleball court project.

Net Flat Base Championship
Net Dominator Max semi permanent
Net Dominator Standard Portable

Opaque barrier
Translucent barrier
Open barrier
Reversible barrier
A-frame barrier